Clarity Breathwork with Aylen


Clarity Breathwork with Aylen



Re-align with your Purpose and Passion.


Clarity Breathwork is a powerful breath practice formerly known as re-birthing, designed to bring about deep healing, transformation and liberation through opening up the energy channels in the body to allow what has been holding us back to surface and be released. It helps to clear away old energies, stuck patterns, negative thoughts and emotions, traumas and fears and welcomes in greater expansion, trust, clarity and sense of purpose. It is a detox for mind, body and soul and deeply helps access the sub-conscious to bring to light old stories, wounds and conditionings that do not serve us.

Most of us are not fully breathing, and accessing the full, natural power of the breath to re-align, clear and energize us. We carry stress, trauma, mental patterns and old emotions sometimes that we are not even aware of, that deeply affect all areas of our lives, often, unconsciously. Clarity Breathwork helps to access, cleanse and liberate us from these hidden patterns holding us back and birth us into greater clarity, ease and connection to our deepest selves and lives.

People report less stress and overwhelm, greater clarity and purpose, more vitality and a deeper connection to their inherent wisdom and power. Each of us knows the moments when we are aligned, in flow, tapped in and in our “zone”. That place is often covered by unresolved issues, traumas, fears, doubts and mental frameworks that don’t serve us.


With Clarity Breathwork, we combine one hour of supported inquiry into your life challenges and intentions, followed by one hour of circular connected mouth breathing while laying down and being lightly facilitated. Healing sound track, essential oils and nourishing touch (unless you don’t desire touch) support the session to create a space of deep alignment, healing and nourishment.

Come to let go of that which doesn’t serve you, begin to see how everything, even our greatest challenges, can serve us to awaken if we re-align our perspectives with our higher purposes and passions. Breathe to restore vitality in the body with fresh oxygen to your blood and let the breath be the natural detoxification process that nature designed it to be. Be supported by loving guidance, deep self - acceptance, and clarifying self inquiry. Breathe to come home to the safe support always within us and always accessible.

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About Aylen

I am a fully certified Level 5 Clarity Breathworker, Certified Tantra Healer, Soulful Life Coach, 5 Rhythms Dance student and have been studying many indigenous shamanic traditions for 13 years.  My passion is in bringing about deeper embodiment so that we can drop out of the negative mind and access the deep wisdom of the body/mind/soul connection and live our deepest passions and purpose.