Breathwork Offerings

Sessions are 2 hours and can be shared in your private home or in a private studio in Brooklyn or Manhattan. One hour of supported personal inquiry, followed by one hour circular connected mouth breathing while laying down, supported by a healing soundtrack, organic essential oils and light touch (only if you desire) and guidance. At the close of your breath session you will have time to integrate and share your experiences as well as be supported with possible assignments to support you until your next session.

It is recommended  to start with a series of 10 sessions, with 5 being the minimum,  to support your process fully and let this work really go deep. Usually sessions build on each other over time and we heal in parts, so one layer may need to surface before the next layer is able. I have found our systems know what we are ready for and healing is sometimes a gradual process that happens over time. The first session in the series includes a thorough interview where we discuss your current life situations and learn more about your birth, childhood and family patterns that may be affecting your life now. We also will set the focus for our series of sessions. Sessions are usually spaced a week or two apart.

Single sessions are also offered and are still very effective and sometimes all that is needed. Your choice is always supported.

Single 2 Hour session: $250 (in the privacy of your home or in a private studio)
Package of 5: 2 hour sessions: $1150
Package of 10: 2 hour sessions $2100

I am happy to receive payment thru PayPal, simply use and choose to friends to friends option to avoid fees · If you prefer Venmo you can use (Kinley is my legal name, Aylen is the name I go by) · If you desire to use a credit card, simply contact me. I also accept cash and can do payment plans

Women's Circles

I offer monthly women's salons and circles that focus on various Women's topics such as Sacred Sexuality, Moon Cycle Wisdom, Yoni Egg Practices, Women's Wellness and Beauty, Relationships and Dating.  All circles involve breathwork, dance and sacred sister discussion and connection supported by altar creation, Sound healing, aromatherapy, meditation and tantric yoga. I often collaborate with fellow women's practitioners in Sound Healing, Reiki, Music, Yoga and various other healing arts. If you desire to collaborate on a circle or would like me to host one at your studio or event space, please contact me.

Breath Circles and Group Classes

Breath circles and groups are a great way to experience the breath and be held in a group of safety and trust. I often do women only circles as well as circles for men and women. The energy of a group breath experience is very powerful and accented by aromatherapy, healing soundtrack, sound healing, and nourishing touch (unless you don't desire this). We open with paired and group processes so you sharpen your intention for your session, connect with others and create a container of safety. We close with plenty of integration time, opportunity to share and reflect on your process and ground with light refreshments. Often times we will go to a healthy restaraunt following the group for those that wish to connect more.

Our next Group Breathwork Circle will be for women:
Women's Breathwork Circle and Sound Healing with Aylen Lyra Doucette and Eileen Moran of Architects of Experience at Reflections Yoga Studio 227 East 24th St. on Saturday December 8 from 7:15-9:45pm as well as Thursday January 17th from 7-9:30pm.

Please email me if you would like to attend:

or buy a ticket thru Eventbrite: