Aylen is a powerful guide on the path of body-wisdom breath work. She helped me touch a deep knowing inside that surprised, challenged and delighted me. And she expertly brought this mind and heart blown-open experience “land” for gentle integration in my life. Deeply grateful. Experience this woman’s revelatory work. You will be amazed at what emerges.
— Jules Cazedessus CEO of Venus Matters www.venusmatters.com

I had a profound experience doing a private series of Clarity Breathwork sessions. She was the perfect guide, empowering me to ask myself the right questions to unlock repressed emotions and truths. This work helped me to feel transformed, liberated, and strong through the simplicity of the breath and Aylen’s support. I am extremely grateful and apply what I’ve learned when needed.
— Kristin Mirabelle, Akashic Records Fascilitator, www.soulstar.life

My breathwork session with Aylen was truly transformational and sacred. I was going through such a difficult time in my life and she guided the session with her presence, love and nurturing in a most supportive and gentle manner. She held the space for me through my tears and my laughter and I felt safe and comforted throughout the entire experience. I was able to release a lot of stress and pain and come out in a place of understanding and relaxation. It was an experience I was processing for many weeks afterwards. Many blessings and much gratitude for such a session.
— Olga Shtatlender, Massage Therapist

I have found breathwork to be an amazing experience. It’s so simple and yet has been a way for me to access profound insights about where my energy is blocked and why. Aylen is incredibly talented at creating and holding a safe and sacred space for this work. She takes it very seriously, but at the same time brings a lightness and humor to the work that I really appreciate. Highly recommend.
— Joanna Harvey, International Civil Servant, Author and Mother